Monday, July 8, 2013

Desserted by my comrades

It was a long day spent immersed in conversation about bugs and drugs and I trudged home looking and feeling haggard. Having decided to drown my sorrows in sugar, I pulled out my last stock of strawberry ice cream. I walked away from it to put away my bag. I wondered if I should put it back in the fridge lest it melted/was attacked by a stray arthropod/spontaneously combusted. "Naah," I reasoned, "what could possibly go wrong."

The scene that awaited me when I walked into the kitchen would have put Jurrasic Park's velociraptors to shame. Alex, Ryan, and David were swarming over the modest remains of my would-be dessert with bloodied spoons (might have been fragments of strawberry).

They left none for me.

You guys suck! I hope it was filled with an exotic assortment of bacterial endotoxins.

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  1. This is particularly relevant because we also left "the Nay" alone for the weekend. He, however, was too occupied by his lifelong mistress to care.