Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blurb then a story

To answer the question - probably not.  Rabbits likely do not ponder about anything, much less dandelions.  Yet, if we're being honest with ourselves, I think that we would like to think so.  There's something pleasant, but sad, about the notion of a furry woodland creature, let's call him Alvin, dreaming about his favorite flower (ok, weed).

...What the hell.  Storytime:

Alvin sat next to his fellow rabbit friends in silence.  No one talked.  No one knew how to talk as they were all rabbits.  However, Alvin could think.  Or at least he thought he could think.  He wasn't really sure because he had never talked to his friends about it before.  Not that they would know, or could say.  They were rabbits after all.  Regardless, Alvin did something - something that provoked feelings of happiness or uncertainty, or fear.  When he did that something, pictures of things he saw popped into his head.

He tried it now - what came into his mind was a cat that lived in a nearby house.  He didn't like the cat very much; in fact, he was afraid of it.  His heart quickened and he shifted his hindlegs slightly.  He turned his head and saw his friends sitting.  Still silence.  One of his friends was chewing something.  Probably grass.  At this point Alvin would have laughed, if he knew how.  Instead, he just sort of snorted.  That would do.

He tried doing that something again, this time he would try for something less scary.  A picture of dandelion drew itself in his imagination.  He had seen those before.

It was nice.  Alvin felt good.  He turned to face his friends again and saw them looking at him.  He didn't know exactly what he wanted, but if his rabbit brain could have the clarity of a human's, he would have wanted to speak.  He wanted to share the recollection of his experience - the one that he had just now about the dandelion.  But he didn't know how, nor could he, because he was after all, just a rabbit.

Alvin and his friends sat there staring at each other for sometime.  It wasn't awkward, Alvin felt - just sad.  If only they knew.  If only they could also do the same something Alvin was capable of.  His one odd friend was still chewing.  Chewing.  Chewing.  And then, completely randomly, the rabbit congress broke.  All of Alvin's friends turned away, but towards the same direction.  They were looking at a field.  Alvin too, looked over.

 In it, there were dandelions.

 Do Rabbits Ponder About Dandelions?

Sophisticated analysis and application of literary theory to come.


  1. I think we need to titrate down whatever you're on, Alex.

  2. I think we need to share it.